NAMI Fusion & Lounge

Nami Restaurant Fusion & Lounge offers a wonderful view of Tirana and the sunset. The restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine, products are carefully selected, cooked with the right technique to extract the best taste to preserve nutritional values.

Anyone who is a fan of the Japanese cooking tradition or is a fan of this cuisine, but also you who have the curiosity to try it, already have the opportunity to experience a special experience.

Sushi, makimono, caviar, and many other typical Japanese dishes are just as pleasing in appearance as they are delicious. Also, Nami Fusion & Lounge Restaurant has a perfect selection of drinks with the best wines, champagnes, and all kinds of cocktails to enjoy in our restaurant. Its panoramic terrace overlooking the capital will welcome you and make you feel special during your stay.

You will also notice the artistic details carefully thought out by the artists of the Residence, details that relate to the old Albanian origin. On the ceiling of the restaurant, you will notice folk motifs, an old Albanian carpet, stylized with brisols, and hidden lighting. While in the partitions of the restaurant premises floral motifs are used.

The restaurant offers functional space and the best alternative to organize conferences, training, birthdays, photo sets, proposals, and many other events.