Piazza di Pietra

Piazza di Pietra is located in the “Kodra e Diellit” 2 Residence, on the Magnolias Boulevard, in the Butterfly building. The environment is organized to welcome everyone.
Pilivesa Playground Park is a favorite of all the little residents of the residence. They play in the fresh air, and parents are calm and feel safe for their children.

The outdoor environment is organized in two parts, Pilivesa Playground Park, and the Piazza di Pietra Square. You have the opportunity to enjoy your coffee or something else with your friends and family, and at the same time take care of your children, while playing in the spaces dedicated to them.

The indoor environment is the perfect place to sit and work with your laptop. Modern and beautifully created in such a way that provides fun relaxation without compromise.

If you are going to visit us on Boulevard Magnolias, you will get drunk with the pleasant aroma of flowers.