Globi i Diellit

Globi i Diellit is located in the “Kodra e Diellit” 1 Residence, in the Sun Square, from where it got its name. The Sun Square is a symbol of the “Kodra e Diellit”, in the center of which stands a fountain with mosaic pieces, in the shape of a globe, a green square, the organic form of which is inspired by nature and living in the residence.

Outside, tables are set around the Sun, from where you can enjoy coffee or something else with your friends and family, and at the same time take care of your children while playing in the Park dedicated to them.

The indoor environment is the perfect place to sit and work with your laptop. Modern and beautifully created in such a way that provides fun and relaxation without compromise.

We are at Sun Square, on the boulevard of Jasmines!